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Top Tips For a Hassle-Free Auto Shipping Experience

Wouldn't it be wonderful if life's experiences were all smooth sailing? This is especially the case when you hire a company to perform a service for you-who wants to pay for something that only results in headaches? The good news is that your auto shipping can absolutely be a hassle-free experience when you follow a few rules and requests.

Before you get the ball rolling, these are the top tips for a hassle-free auto shipping experience:

When you submit for an auto shipping quote, consider all of your options-but don't pick the cheapest rate. The cheapest auto transport rate can result in less-than-stellar customer service and slow delivery times.

Be sure to enter as much information as you can about your car when you submit for your auto transport quote. This will ensure that your quote is accurate as possible.

When your pickup date arrives, be sure that your car is entirely cleaned out. Don't keep any personal belongings in your car, including car seats Also make sure that your trunk is cleaned out. Although you can usually get away with shipping linens in your trunk, you are better off having nothing in the trunk at all.

Be forewarned that excess weight in your car can be removed if the carrier truck itself is overweight at the station.

Your delivery time is not exact-you will be given a delivery window, which will indicate a specified time range when you can expect your car to be dropped off at your driveway or other designated drop off area.

Keep in mind that unforeseen events can cause delays in delivery, no matter how good of an attempt that carriers make to ensure a timely drop off. These events typically include inclement weather, construction, and detours.

When your car arrives, inspect the body and be sure to bring up any questions or concerns to your driver.

If you're ready for the ultimate hassle-free auto shipping experience, ship a car with DIY. With top-notch customer service and experienced carriers, shipping a car has never been easier. Use our auto transport quote calculator today or call 800-266-2202 for more information.

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